Watch this Dad Simulate Mountain Biking for His Daughter

Watch this Dad Simulate Mountain Biking for His Daughter

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One dad decided that his daughter needed to enjoy watching mountain biking just a little bit more. Using a little creative thinking, he had his daughter sit on her tricycle.

[Image Source : Newman Chan,Facebook]

Now, all he had to do was turn on some first person point of view mountain biking and move his daughter's bike like she was the one driving. Luckily for us, he recorded the whole event and shared it to his Facebook timeline. The post has gone viral and after only 2 days it has over 24 million views! Check out the adorable and creative video below.

Now if that doesn't win him dad of the year award, I don't know what will.

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Watch the video: HER FIRST TIME MOUNTAIN BIKING! (June 2022).


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