5 Best Rolex watches for all kinds of professions

5 Best Rolex watches for all kinds of professions

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Some might wonder why anyone would ever spend so much money on just a watch. Well, scroll down and see for yourself - what other brand has so many incredible features and attributes?

1. Milgauss

[Image Source: Rolex]

The original Milgauss range by Rolex was manufactured specifically for scientists working at CERN. Its anti-magnetic properties were made possible due to non-ferrous materials, especially the Parachrom hairspring, offering protection up to 1,000 gauss.

2. Cosmograph Daytona

[Image Source: Rolex]

This is the most iconic and best-selling Rolex watch. Designed and manufactured for the race car drivers in 1963, this watch is built with the most accurate chronograph possible. Would be ideal for those people who value their time.

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3. YachtMaster II

[Image Source: Rolex]

Despite that this watch is indeed made for yacht owners, it can still be a perfect watch for even engineers! It is water-resistant, has anti-magnetic qualities and features the first ever programmable mechanical countdown timer.

4. Submariner

[Image Source: Rolex]

This beautiful piece of work was first introduced in 1953 and is the first water-resistant watch in the world! Designed specifically for scuba divers, this watch is still working down at 300 meters below sea level.

5. GMT-Master II

[Image Source: Rolex]

Initially designed for pilots, this watch is now also a luxury accessory to those who travel often. It has a rotating 24-hour advances bezel and an ability to see the time in three different time zones at a time.

Written by Daria Sergeeva

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